Kerbal Space Program Accurate Space Shuttle (stock) 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Accurate Space Shuttle (stock)

Accurate Space Shuttle (stock)

Game Version: 0.24.2 +4
Total Downloads: 14,521
Updated: May 29, 2014
Created: May 28, 2014

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This is a working replica of NASA's beloved Space Transportation System (STS), otherwise known as the Space Shuttle.

The model is capable of reaching low kerbin orbit, and landing like a plane. The SRBs have a gimbal (simulated using flaps) like the real shuttle. The model also has hidden control surfaces, added to mimic a lifting body effect that Squad has yet to add to the game.

To install:

Paste extracted .craft into KSP_win > saves > *your save* > ships > SPH.

To fly:

(First make sure that the two Mk3 liquid fuel tanks are empty as they should be,) Turn on SAS and throttle to full.

Press 'space' to stage. (The three Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs) should fire. )

Stage once more (the SRBs should fire and the craft will lift off), and keep the shuttle pointed strait up until about 6,000 meters. (Advanced users may roll to target azimuth)

At 6,000 meters start a gravity turn by pitching backwards so that the shuttle is upside down; you should stop at a pitch of 45 degrees at just over 10,000 meters of altitude. Somewhere in the turn the two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) will be consumed. Stage again to jettison them. (You may need to throttle down prior to staging, for the change in thrust and center of mass will affect your heading.)

Continue with the shuttle on it's back and make the necessary adjustments to reach your target orbit. As the fuel runs out in the external tank, the center of mass will shift and create a strong torque effect. To counteract this, throttle down and turn on RCS.

When the large external tank runs out (you will have to check this manually), cut the SSMEs, roll to a right side up position, and jettison the external tank by pressing 'space'.

Press '1' to turn shut down the SSMEs, press 'space' to activate the Orbital Maneuvering Engines (OMS engines), and throttle up until at orbital velocity. (Note: the OMS engines point through the center of mass and will thrust the shuttle down. Compensate accordingly.)

To land, burn retrograde with the OMS engines, reenter, and land like a plane. (RCS may be used to make landing easier.)


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