Kerbal Space Program Apollo Program – Saturn V (Stock) 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Apollo Program – Saturn V (Stock)

Apollo Program – Saturn V (Stock)

Game Version: 0.90
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Updated: Dec 19, 2014
Created: May 11, 2014

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I tried to be as accurate to the real Saturn V as possible without going part crazy. The staging, engine configuration, and fuel limits are very close to the real deal. The biggest inaccuracy is the engine configuration on the ascent module of the lunar lander. I had to place several small engines to recreate the t:w ratio in the space required (but they kinda look like one engine!). It's very stable and a lot of fun to fly!

How to Fly - Follows the basic Apollo Flight Plan 

Abort: Activates tower jets and pulls the command pod away from the rocket. Press 0 (zero) to decouple the tower and deploy parachutes. 1 to safely jettison the tower during launch.

  1. Launch and attain ~100km orbit. Control Group 1 to jettison the escape tower during second stage.
  2. Third stage doubles to circularize orbit around Kerbin and transfer to Mun.
  3. Once in route to Mun stage so the Command Service Module (CSM) can flip around and dock with the Lunar Module (LM).
  4. Once the Lunar Module is extracted continue to the Mun. Place yourself in a 15-30km Munar orbit using the CSM engine.
  5. Transfer crew to the LM and undock. Land on the Mun! Celebrate!
  6. Undock the rover from the lander. Be gentle! It tips easily and has no way of getting back upright.
  7. Pile back into the LM and shutdown the landing engine. Throttle all the way up and stage to activate the Ascent Module engines and sepatrons. Rendezvous with the CSM in Munar orbit.
  8. Use the CSM engine to transfer back to Kerbin after leaving the LM at the Mun.
  9. Decouple the service module just before entering the atmosphere. Deploy chutes and pray 🙂


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