Kerbal Space Program Diverse Kerbal Heads 1.0 2023 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Diverse Kerbal Heads 1.0

Diverse Kerbal Heads 1.0

Game Version: 0.23.5 +4
Total Downloads: 57,010
Updated: May 10, 2014
Created: May 10, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 44.56 MB May 10, 2014 0.23.5 +4 29,189 download Diverse Kerbal Heads 1.0 releaseDownload release 19.29 MB May 10, 2014 0.23.5 +4 27,821 download Diverse Kerbal Heads 1.0 releaseDownload



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This texture pack is based on previously modified textures that have been further modified to add more hair color variation and subtle facial features, and among other things, mostly makeup-free females.

Requires: TextureReplacer (


  • Feminine and masculine facial features have been accentuated to portray gender without relying too heavily on make-up and hairstyle. 
  • Female Kerbals' lipstick has been excluded. 
  • Hairstyles are sometimes interchanged between.
  • Eye lashes reduced. 
  • Added some variation to skin tones. 
  • Male Kerbals now have beard shadow, which varies depending on hair lightness.
  • Some Kerbals have scars.
  • In general, male/female differences have been made more subtle.

Thanks goes to Sylith and shaw for creating and working on these great Kerbal face textures!


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