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Kerbal Space Program mod EVA Transfer

EVA Transfer

Game Version: 1.8
Total Downloads: 14,203
Updated: Oct 30, 2019
Created: Jun 21, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
EVA Transfer Version 9.0 release 28.42 KB Oct 30, 2019 1.8 1,402 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer Version 9.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer Version 8.1 release 28.34 KB Mar 25, 2018 1.4.3 +3 2,912 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer Version 8.1 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer Version 8.0 release 28.35 KB Mar 13, 2018 1.4.1 +1 714 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer Version 8.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer Version 7.1 release 28.61 KB Oct 6, 2017 1.3.1 2,314 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer Version 7.1 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer Version 7.0 release 28.24 KB May 30, 2017 1.3 968 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer Version 7.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer version 6.0 release 28.08 KB Nov 18, 2016 1.2 965 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer version 6.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer version 5.0 release 27.94 KB Oct 13, 2016 1.2 457 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer version 5.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer Version 4.0 release 26.95 KB Apr 20, 2016 1.1-prerelease 853 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer Version 4.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer version 3.0 release 27.44 KB Nov 15, 2015 1.0.5 +4 1,556 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer version 3.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer v2.0 release 27.46 KB Jul 1, 2015 1.0.4 +2 1,532 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer v2.0 releaseDownload
EVA Transfer v1.1 release 25.56 KB Jun 25, 2015 1.0.4 283 download EVA Transfer EVA Transfer v1.1 releaseDownload release 25.56 KB Jun 21, 2015 1.0.2 247 download EVA Transfer releaseDownload


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EVA Transfer

People, and Info

Authors and Contributors

DMagic: Author and maintainer

TriggerAu: EVA Transfer uses a modified version of TriggerAu's KSP Plugin Framework


The code is released under the MIT license; all art assets are released under the CC-BY-SA license


  • What is EVA Transfer?
    • A single-purpose addon that allows for resource transfer between two disconnected vessels using an EVA-attachable resource transfer pipe.
    • It uses the stock fuel line part and texture (and supports Ven's stock part revamp), and can be found in the Advanced Fuel Systems node, or the Logistics node if using the Community Tech Tree.
  • How is this different from KAS/KIS?
    • This adds only a single feature and lacks much of what is possible with KAS and/or KIS.
    • The resource transfer pipe does not dock the two vessels together, it is a purely cosmetic connection.
    • All resource transfer is handled internally by thy EVA Transfer code; no manual transfer between individual fuel tanks is possible.
    • The EVA Transfer pipe start point must be attached to a vessel in the editor, there is no built-in option to attach the pipe itself on EVA, only to connect an already attached pipe to a second vessel.
      • KIS attachment is supported while on EVA.
  • Are there options for which resources can be transferred, how long the pipe can be, etc…?
    • There are many options for configuring EVA Transfer available by editing the included part config file (or by using a Module Manager config to do the same)
    • Each of the primary resources can be toggled on or off; all other resources are controlled by a single option
    • Maximum pipe length, available slack for a connected pipe, and transfer speed can be adjusted.
    • Resource container fill mode can be specified; smallest to largest, the reverse, or no order are the options.
    • The maximum number of resources that can be simultaneously transferred can be specified.
    • The option to specify a Kerbal Trait to connect the transfer line and a minimum level are available.
    • The Oxidizer To Liquid Fuel Ratio for linked mode can be specified.
    • Tooltips for the window can be activated.
  • Something has gone wrong; where can I get help?
    • If you run into errors, transfer lines not connecting, resource transfer not working, etc… report problems either to the GitHub Issues section or the KSP Forum Thread.

Attaching the pipes

* Select the part anchor and choose the Pickup EVA Transfer Line option from the right-click menu * Walk the pipes over to the target vessel and mouse over the desired attachment point * Anything within the maximum distance will be connected * Sever a connected line by selecting the Cut EVA Transfer Line option from the right-click menu * Drop a transfer line while carrying it by selecting Drop EVA Transfer Line from the right-click menu

Transferring resources

* Select resources, adjust the sliders to the desired amounts and select the Begin Transfer button * Transfer speed is determined by the value specified in the EVA transfer line part config file; this is the maximum transfer time in seconds

Available resource buttons

* All primary stock resources are shown using stock icons at the top of the window * All other resources that can be transferred (ie not solid fuel or ablator) can be found by selecting the drop down menu button on the right

All other resources drop down

* All possible resources except the primary resources shown above are available from the drop down menu * There can be a lot of these if you are using anything with the Community Resource Pack

Transfer sliders

* Adjust the sliders to the left or right to transfer resources to or from each vehicle * Sliders move in increments of 5%

Liquid Fuel / Oxidizer linked mode

* A special linked mode is available for liquid fuel and oxidizer * Activate this mode with the link icon above the two resource buttons * Only parts that contain both liquid fuel and oxidizer will be considered when calculating resource amounts for each * Each resource will be transferred in the correct ratio of LF to LOX (9:11)

User adjustable part config file fields

  • The included part config file has several options available
  • Do not change any of the fields not shown below
    name = ModuleEVATransfer
    useProfession = Engineer        //The Experience Trait Title required to attach the fuel line; delete or leave blank for none
    minLevel = 0                    //The minimum level required to attach the fuel line
    maxDistance = 200               //The maximum length of the fuel line
    maxSlack = 10                   //The amount of slack a connected fuel line has before being disconnected
    maxTransfers = 5                //The maximum number of resources that can be simultaneously transferred
    transferSpeed = 8               //The transfer time, in seconds, of a 100% transfer
    fillMode = 2                    //Determines the order in which resource containers are filled; 0 = smallest first; 1 = largest first; 2 = no order
    tooltips = True                 //Tooltips for the transfer window
    loxlfTransferRatio = 1.222      //The ratio of oxidizer to liquid fuel when using linked transfer mode
    transferLF = True               //Specify which of the primary resources can be transferred
    transferLOX = True
    transferMono = True
    transferXen = True
    transferEC = True
    transferOre = True
    transferAll = True              //Specify all other resources that have a valid transfer mode (ie no solid fuel)





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