Kerbal Space Program First Person EVA 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod First Person EVA

First Person EVA

Game Version: 0.25 +17
Total Downloads: 19,727
Updated: Dec 2, 2014
Created: Nov 30, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
[0.25] First Person EVA release 23.39 KB Dec 2, 2014 0.25 +17 19,043 download First Person EVA [0.25] First Person EVA releaseDownload
First Person EVA release 19.94 KB Nov 30, 2014 0.25 +17 684 download First Person EVA First Person EVA releaseDownload


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Since the original mod is no longer available for download, by popular demand I have used the source code files provided to make this mod 0.25-ready.

All credit goes to FlaccidUnicorn.
Here is a video demonstration he made. 


ENTER EVA CAMERA: Press  and = keys, or by right-clicking on Kerbal and pressing Activate Camera.

LOOK AROUND: Right-Click and drag (view re-centers on release of right mouse button).

ZOOM: Scroll the Mouse Wheel or Numpad + and  keys.

EXIT EVA CAMERA: Press V to change to standard flight cameras.


The setting EVA_ROTATE_ON_MOVE = False in setting.cfg will allow you to pitch with your mouse and keep that orientation when you use WASD to translate.

Chatterer's breathing sounds (customizable) increase immersion and go well with this mod.

Watch your step. 


If FlaccidUnicorn or someone else skilled wants to make an update the mod, I would be happy to pass on the torch to them.
I am not the most qualified person to do so myself to say the least, but no one else seemed interested in maintaining this mod.


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