Kerbal Space Program IXS Class 1.0 for Kerbal Interstellar 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod IXS Class 1.0 for Kerbal Interstellar

IXS Class 1.0 for Kerbal Interstellar

Game Version: 0.24.2
Total Downloads: 36,664
Updated: Sep 3, 2014
Created: Sep 3, 2014

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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 7.70 MB Sep 3, 2014 0.24.2 36,664 download IXS Class 1.0 for Kerbal Interstellar releaseDownload


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Created for WavefunctionP's latest version of Kerbal Interstellar Lite mod (update- and apparently works without issue in old KSP-I), the IXS class brings the NASA IXS Enterprise ship into KSP!

This version is solely for KSP-I, there will be another Stock KSP only version up in a few days after final testing.

This is the "Entire Kit n Kaboodle" version, which also brings with it the IXS spacedock, created to specifically house the ship for your spacestations or shipyards. (Extraplanetary Launchpads mod capable). The IXS also has TAC Life support functionality, and Karbonite specific fuel tank and science detector.

The full list of parts are as follows…

  • – Command Module, seating 4 Kerbals and comes with 8000 electric charge, and cargo bay which you can store probes in with attach nodes.
  • – Dr.Harold white iteration of the Alcubierre Warp Rings, with built in electrical generators.
  • – Antimatter Reactor Main Hull with built-in radiators.
  • – Quantum Vacuum Engine. Heavy on antimatter use on it's own, but when coupled with a power distribution network is a strong tool for exiting warp.
  • – Crew Module to house 4 crew members, Thunder Aerospace Corporation (TAC) Life support enabled
  • – Science Module to house 2 crew members. Also TAC enabled for mass balance.
  • – Science Pods. Gravioli, Thermometer, Materials Bay, Magnetometer, Gamma Ray Spectrometer, Antimatter Collector as well as a Karbonite science sensor.
  • – 3 Spacedocks. Small, Medium and Large for most ships. The Large specifically designed for the IXS itself. All three are Extraplanetary Launchpads enabled.


I put all my time, heart and soul into it when i do something like this in order to make it the best i can, and be as professional as possible, so if you want to buy me a drink as thanks, or show appreciation for my enthusiasm, then feel free to just click the donate button top right!


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