Kerbal Space Program Kursus Rocket 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Kursus Rocket

Kursus Rocket

Game Version: 1.2
Total Downloads: 4,422
Updated: Dec 13, 2016
Created: Jul 30, 2016

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Kursus Final 1_2_2.craft release 479.00 KB Dec 13, 2016 1.2 3,643 download Kursus Rocket Kursus Final 1_2_2.craft releaseDownload
Kursus Final.craft release 685.89 KB Jul 30, 2016 1.1.3 +5 779 download Kursus Rocket Kursus Final.craft releaseDownload


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This is a Rocket Whit a Lander. The "Kursus" can reach all the Kerbol Planes. And the set: interplanetary stage (with atomic engines) and the lander (Poddle engine) Has a lot of DeltaV so can These parts can back to Kerbin in most cases

When the Rocket reaches orbit in some planet. The interplanetary stage do the deorbit burn, the lander undock and Then, the interplanetary stage reaches again the orbit. The lander has 2 Heat Shield (1 for atmospheric planets and other for the final landing in Kerbin) These heat shield (10m) doesn´t have ablator. The advantage in this is that the rocket can go to Moho smooth. But if the lander had heat shields with ablator, the ablator slowy burn. This not have mechjeb parts, but you can put it. When the lander get again in orbit, It has to dock again in the interplanetary stage, Because, the lander has no much DeltaV 


12.000 ΔV

Cost : $700.000

Needs Kw Rocketry

Parachute – Yes

Heat Shield – Yes







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