Kerbal Space Program Large Structural Components Redux 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Large Structural Components Redux

Large Structural Components Redux

Game Version: 1.2-prerelease
Total Downloads: 7,856
Updated: Oct 12, 2016
Created: Sep 23, 2016

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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 2.64 MB Oct 12, 2016 1.2-prerelease 7,457 download Large Structural Components Redux releaseDownload


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This mod adds re-designed parts from the Large Structural Components Addon (created by myself in 2013) to the game. Each part is available in Career mode and can be unlocked via the tech tree, the parts mainly being contained under the Specialized Construction node. There are also a few new parts, not belonging to the original pack and have been designed to work with TAC Life Support, and Kerbal Inventory System. I've also added a little plugin which also creates a new category for the parts.



The pack contains 13 parts in total, and a few more are in the development pipeline.


  • UDK-RDX "Abode"
  • UDK-RDX "Aisle"
  • UDK-RDX "Cradle"
  • UDK-RDX "Crossroads"
  • UDK-RDX "Crossroads Mk2"
  • UDK-RDX "SS-01 [Science]" (Compatible with: KIS)
  • UDK-RDX "SS-02 [Food]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support)
  • UDK-RDX "SS-03 [Water]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support)
  • UDK-RDX "SS-04 [Waste]" (Compatible with: KIS, TAC Life Support)
  • UDK-RDX "Foyer"
  • UDK-RDX "Lobby"
  • UDK-RDX "Peekaboo"
  • UDK-RDX "Nucleus"




zMicNFI.png 2RLGQAS.png 31UGzdg.png q6AontP.png
81cJFnL.png fhShWBO.png Mr6ul2Z.png Ph5DF8v.png
2V5K3V7.png 7QP66mT.png vvHDCWC.png qJSOnoA.png


Additional mods that are required, supported and recommended by this pack.


  • [Required] Module Manager by @sarbian.
  • [Supported] TAC Life Support by @TaranisElsu and kept alive by @JPLRepo.
  • [Supported] Kerbal Inventory System by @KospY.
  • [Supported] Contract Pack: Bases and Stations by @severedsolo.
  • [Supported] Snacks! by @tgruetzm.
  • [Supported] USI Life Support by @RoverDude.
  • [Supported] KeepFit by @timmers_uk


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