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Kerbal Space Program mod STS Space Shuttle

STS Space Shuttle

Game Version: 0.90
Total Downloads: 21,859
Updated: Mar 2, 2015
Created: Feb 2, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
STS-4 Space Shuttle.craft release 318.03 KB Mar 2, 2015 0.90 21,138 download STS Space Shuttle STS-4 Space Shuttle.craft releaseDownload
STS-3 Space Shuttle.craft release 314.48 KB Feb 2, 2015 0.90 721 download STS Space Shuttle STS-3 Space Shuttle.craft releaseDownload


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STS-4 Space Shuttle. 282 parts. Capable of lifting 0-42 tons (full orange and full yellow tank with docking hardware) to 300km orbit. See cargo subassemblies in forum thread.

Please read forum thread for flight profile, and loading instructions. Very easy to load and fly, very capable. Download cargo subassemblies to load into its empty bay, and adjust your fuel accordingly. Balanced perfectly to fly up empty bay and fly up with 42 tons of payload, with only adjusting fuel amounts needed. One of the most beautiful NASA Space Shuttle replicas possible in stock KSP. Beauty, capability, and easy to load and fly… who would have thought such a craft possible?

STS Space Shuttle KSP Forum Thread & Subassemblies Catalog:

The following subassemblies can be downloaded in the forum thread link above.

STS SpaceHab (STS-107 Columbia Memorial Payload)

STS Operations Module w/ MMUs

STS Fuel Pod (42 Tons of Fuel and Monoprop)


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