Kerbal Space Program VSO very small orbiter 2023 download
Kerbal Space Program mod VSO very small orbiter

VSO very small orbiter

Game Version: 1.3.1
Total Downloads: 224
Updated: Mar 3, 2018
Created: Mar 3, 2018

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VSO.1.1 beta 62.30 KB Mar 3, 2018 1.3.1 220 download VSO very small orbiter VSO.1.1 betaDownload



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VSO data sheet


Is cheap, without high research elements such as R.A.P.I.E.R. engine but still perfect in its role mission task:

safely bring a 3 member crew to/from any Orbital Kerbin station without refuelling.

It reach  100/100 LKO with remaining 1300 ms  of DV enough to reach also any Mün or Minmus station.

Safe. the orbiting ascend is made in only four manoeuvres: take off rotation to 10° ascend angle,  switch to aereospike at 1380 ms, shutdown engine when reached your goal apoapsis, circularise .

Safe on reentry: once you made your preferred deorbit burn just set your VSO to orbit RAD+ with 0 rotation and wait unti il speed slow down, once you regain a correct flying asset you will bless it's almost perfect balanced flying performance: that will allow you to safe land your crew on runaway.



1 toggle ramjet

2 toggle aereospike

5 toggle cargo doors, antenna and docking





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