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Kerbal Space Program mod Zephyr


Game Version: 0.23.5
Total Downloads: 782
Updated: Jun 24, 2014
Created: Jun 17, 2014

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The Zephyr vehicle can carry four atmospheric planes and one rover to Laythe. Flying planes in Laythe's atmosphere is very fun.. Other planetary bodies have not been tested. After successful deployment on Laythe the Zephyr vehicle can take off and reach a stable Laythe orbit to await retrieval. The Zephyr is completely automated, but seats four anyway. All stock 850 parts, no dependencies. It costs slightly less than 1 million credits to launch the Zephyr in career mode.

Custom01 toggles atomic engines

Custom02 toggles landing engines

Custom03 toggles ionic engines

Custom04 toggles jet engines

Custom05 toggles all ladders

Custom06 toggles peripheral access ladders

The jet engines may be used for repositioning the lander (they will drain fuel from the lander) and are powerful enough to reverse the ship in the lower atmosphere once auxiliary fuel tanks have been jettisoned.

To deploy plane: activate the jet engine. Right-click clamp-o-tron jr. to prepare to decouple. Throttle jet engine to fullish and immediately decouple node. Toggle to plane using [ or ] and pull up to avoid the Zephyr main ship. Deactivate engines and glide to achieve a descending flight-slope of -5 degrees for landing.

Range of planes 400km without refueling. (refueling station in development)

To deploy rover: Decouple Clamp-O-Tron. Toggle to main ship using [ or ]. Apply RCS and SAS. Lift two of the landing legs in front or behind the rover depending on which side faces uphill. Drive the rover out from underneath the main ship. Return landing legs to support main ship for plane deployment.

Range of rover: unlimited. If overturned, apply brakes and shift+run a kerbonaut underneath overturned rover.



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