Kerbal Space Program [1.0.5] Kompressed Solar System Mod 2023 download
Kerbal Space Program mod [1.0.5] Kompressed Solar System Mod

[1.0.5] Kompressed Solar System Mod

Game Version: 1.0.5
Total Downloads: 1,482
Updated: Dec 31, 2015
Created: Dec 31, 2015

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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 1.37 KB Dec 31, 2015 1.0.5 1,482 download [1.0.5] Kompressed Solar System Mod releaseDownload


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The Kompressed Solar System Mod is a mod that takes the solar system, and compresses it down and rearranges it to add a new level of complexity to the stock game. It doesn't add any new planets, but it re-arranges the existing ones into a quite interesting configuration.


This mod re-arranges the solar system as thus:

Jool: orbits the Sun

-Eve: orbits closest to Jool

–Tylo: orbits Eve

—Dres: orbits closest to Tylo

—Eeloo: orbits farthest from Tylo

—-Pol: orbits Eeloo

-Kerbin: orbits second closest to Jool

–Laythe: orbits Kerbin

—Vall: orbits closest to Laythe

—Mun: orbits farthest from Laythe

—-Minmus: orbits Mun

-Duna: orbits farthest from Jool

–Moho: orbits Duna

—Bop: orbits closest to Moho

—Ike: orbits farthest from Moho

—-Gilly: orbits Ike


For more information, check out the page on the forums here


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