Kerbal Space Program [1.1] Probe Low Power Mode 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod [1.1] Probe Low Power Mode

[1.1] Probe Low Power Mode

Game Version: 1.0.5
Total Downloads: 913
Updated: Apr 1, 2016
Created: Apr 1, 2016

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Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 31.57 KB Apr 1, 2016 1.0.5 913 download [1.1] Probe Low Power Mode releaseDownload


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This is a fairly simple mod, it adds the option to put your probes into low power mode. Whilst in this state, your probe cores will only use 0.5% of their usual power however you cannot control the craft whilst in low power mode. This is useful for early game probes with limited power and also as a precaution in case your panels are not facing the sun during long journeys.

You can change the low power mode percentage from 0.5% to whatever you want in the LowPowerProbe.cfg file found in the mod folder.

This should work with most other probe mods however if it doesn't you can simply copy and paste the module from the cfg in the mod folder into the cfg of the probe from the mod.


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