Kerbal Space Program KSP Chroma Control 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod KSP Chroma Control

KSP Chroma Control

Game Version: 1.3
Total Downloads: 2,900
Updated: Jun 30, 2017
Created: Apr 17, 2016

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 51.85 KB Jun 30, 2017 1.3 1,329 download KSP Chroma Control releaseDownload release 53.18 KB Mar 12, 2017 1.2.2 251 download KSP Chroma Control releaseDownload
KSPChromaControl v1.2 release 64.22 KB Sep 30, 2016 1.2-prerelease 560 download KSP Chroma Control KSPChromaControl v1.2 releaseDownload
KSPChromaControl v1.1 release 51.51 KB May 7, 2016 1.1 +6 404 download KSP Chroma Control KSPChromaControl v1.1 releaseDownload release 46.14 KB Apr 20, 2016 1.1 +2 334 download KSP Chroma Control releaseDownload


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This mod lights up your Razer Chroma Keyboard when playing Kerbal Space Program. Look at this video kindly created by Game Instructor to showcase this mod:



  • Function keys 1 to 0 are only lit, if the underlying action group actually does anything. The keys are displayed in two different colors, depending on whether the action group is toggled or not.
  • The keys for SAS, RCS, Gears, Lights and the Brakes are lit up in different colors, indicating if the respective system was activated or not.
  • The amount of resources in the current stage is displayed on your keypad and the keys to the left of it (PrtScr, ScrLk, …, PageDown)
  • The color of W, A, S, D, E and Q varies slightly depending on whether you're in precision or normal steering mode
  • The keys for timewarp control are lit either red for physics timewarp or green for normal timewarp

Make sure no other app is blocking your keyboard from being updated when using this plugin (e.g. GameDog or ChromaSync).



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