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Kerbal Space Program mod ProbeControlRoom


Game Version: 1.0.4 +3
Total Downloads: 24,287
Updated: Oct 12, 2015
Created: Jul 10, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads beta 755.40 KB Oct 12, 2015 1.0.4 +3 10,231 download ProbeControlRoom betaDownload beta 763.10 KB Jul 10, 2014 0.25 +5 13,929 download ProbeControlRoom betaDownload



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Adds IVA to UNMANNED Vessels/CommandModules that have no Crew/Internal.
    AutoUpdates all "ModuleCommand"-Parts that have no "INTERNAL"
    RasterPropMonitor gets enabled automatically if the .dll is loaded


- [ModuleManager]( >= v2.6.8
- (optional) [Toolbar]( >= v1.7.9

For RasterPropMonitor

- [RasterPropMonitor]( >= v0.23
- (optional) [VesselView]( >= v0.71
- (optional) [MechJeb2]( >= v2.5.3
- (optional) [SCANsat]( >= v14.2

How to use

1. Remove any previous versions of "ProbeControlRoom" in your KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData directory
2. Merge the downloaded "GameData" into your KerbalSpaceProgram directory
3. Start the game and build a vessel with a ProbeCore
4. Start the ControlRoom by:
 a. MannedVessel: Bottom right, above the KerbalAvatars is a IVA button
 b. UnmannedVessel: Use the CameraMode button (C) to access/leave IVA
 c. Righclick the ProbeCore and click "IVA from here"
 d. click the IVA button in the toolbar (if installed)


On the first start a config file is created at GameData/ProbeControlRoom/Settings.cfg
ForcePCROnly (default: False)
    forces the use of PCR
    - UI/Toolbar buttons to overwrite
    - Traps mapView and "Camera"-Key
DisableWobble (default: True)
    disables the cameraShake when inside a PCR
DisableSounds (default: False) [ALPHA - CurrentMethod (GameSettings-Volume) not stable]
    disables the Ship_Audio when inside a PCR
    - Seems to ignore Engines, Staging, Parachutes and similar, while explosions get muted.
    - With ForcePCROnly=True muting works, but always for every rocket with a PCR...


- G'th for the idea&kick to actually do it
- all the KSP modders putting tons of sourcecode out there to read & learn
- the folks in the #kspmodders irc that linked me there ;-)
- "Albert VDS" for the excelent work hes done on the 3D Model/Textures/Pages
- "Dexter9313" and "Z-Key Aerospace" for the pull-requests regarding Wobble&Audio removal
- "MeCripp", "jlcarneiro" and again "Z-Key Aerospace" & "Dexter9313" for providing updates while i could not


Christian 'Tabakhase' Hackmann  (mail <at> - PluginCode
'Albert VDS' - 3D & Textures of MissionControl
And various community members.


This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
To view a copy of this license, visit


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