Kerbal Space Program AB Launchers 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod AB Launchers

AB Launchers

Game Version: 1.1
Total Downloads: 8,529
Updated: Apr 22, 2016
Created: Dec 18, 2015

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
AB Launchers release 5.86 MB Apr 22, 2016 1.1 5,102 download AB Launchers AB Launchers releaseDownload
AB Launchers release 5.85 MB Dec 18, 2015 1.0.5 3,427 download AB Launchers AB Launchers releaseDownload


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With this part set (and some stock parts) it will be possible to recreate your own versions of Energia, Energia-M, Vulkan or Zenit. That doesn't stop you from making anything else you wish using them however, so go crazy!

Part List


  • Tanks of various lengths
  • Tank nosecone
  • Nosecone
  • Decoupler
  • Core stage engine cluster


  • Nosecone


  • Tanks of various lengths (mainly those not present in stock)
  • Slanted nosecone (with sepratron built in)
  • Slimline Decoupler
  • High power engine


  • 5m->3.75m
  • 5m->2.5m

Please see the the thread on the official forums for more information and discussion.


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