Kerbal Space Program [Ati’s] MSL-V + Rover 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod [Ati’s] MSL-V + Rover

[Ati’s] MSL-V + Rover

Game Version: 0.23.5
Total Downloads: 1,754
Updated: Jun 8, 2014
Created: Jun 8, 2014

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MSL-V - Moblile Science release 2.32 MB Jun 8, 2014 0.23.5 1,754 download [Ati’s] MSL-V + Rover MSL-V - Moblile Science releaseDownload



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Hello Fellow Kerbonauts!

It's me again, Ati.

I want to share my new experinemt. This is a Mobile Science Lab with a little detachable rover. 

I wanted to create a moving science base with a lot of controllable robotic parts and other functions and a detachable / reattachable little manned and remote controlled rover. I spent weeks with weight balancing and the problem of the rover attaching. I built the rover and put it into to the subassembly section, but i can't connect it to the MSL because of the lack of attachment point. 

So I decided to rewrite some config files to solve that.I modified the I-beam pocket edition and added 2 new attach points and shrank the size of the MK-2 illuminator to fit more for the rover. And of course I created new config files and left the original ones intact.

– This "MSL" designed for athmospheric landing and the transfer stage has just enough fuel to reach planet Eve. And when I said just enough, I was super serious!
– Use the non-atomic engine of transfer stage when you are orbiting around Eve.
– Keep the solar panels retracted state, when you are drive the MSL, because they will easily broken.
– Don't forget to fill the crew compartment before launch the MLS.
– Ohh, and be careful when you are doing gravity turn.

Mobile Science Lab v5.0


– All kind of scientific instruments.
– Enough room for 7 kerbonauts.
– Manned or remote controlled.
– Auto pilot system.
– RCS & SAS stabilization.
– Decelerator rocket engines and parachutes for atmospheric landing.
– Navigation lights.
– Controllable spotlight.
– Controllable arm for the communication dish.
– Controllable arms for the solar panels.
– Controllable crane system with a winch to deploy the Quad Bike.
– Observation camera.
– Detachable and reattachable rover.

Action Groups:
1 – Toggle antennas & scientific devices.
2 – Toggle ladders.
3 – Navigation lights cycle modes.
4 – Science!
5 – Toggle solar panels.
9 – Toggle rocket engines.

MSL-V Rover

– Manned or remote controlled.
– RCS stabilization.
– Basic scientific capability.
– Towing cable.

Action Groups:
1 : Toggle antenna & scientific instruments.
4 : Science!


Transfer Stage

– Just enough fuel to reach planet Eve

Action Groups:
8 – Toggle solar panels and comm dish.



– MechJeb
– Infernal Robotic 0.14
– Lazor Cam
– Lazor System
– Aviation Lights

And required some of my tweeked parts…

        Illuminator Mk2 (Half sized)
        M-Beam Pocket Edition ( Added two attachment points. ) (To install that parts, you have to copy the config files to the "Game Data" folder.)


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