Kerbal Space Program BlackArt’s Space Shuttle (small) v1 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod BlackArt’s Space Shuttle (small) v1

BlackArt’s Space Shuttle (small) v1

Game Version: 1.0.2
Total Downloads: 674
Updated: May 24, 2015
Created: May 24, 2015

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This space shuttle is 100% vanilla KSP and require NO MODS.

I am not sure why the file was archived but i have restored it.


This Shuttle is a more refined version of my earlier version 1, with a smaller total max payload but with better FPS for launching on a regular basis.  This version also requires a bit more skill to get into orbit successfully, but can be done with plenty of fuel to dock with a station you have.




1) Cargo bay doors toggle
2) Cargo bay lights toggle
3) Ladders toggle
4) Boosters Toggle (1 per side off)
5) Boosters Toggle (2 per side off)
6) Toggle shuttle RCS ports (verner thrusters)
7) Toggle Rapier engine mode (Air / rocket breathing)

8) main engines on shuttle ONLY
9) rapier engines on shuttle ONLY
0) all shuttle engines off



Launch Procedures:

A) Turn SAS on (the letter 'T' )

B) Throttle to 100% and then hit 'spacebar' to launch


  1. Once Speed > 100 m/sec hit "4" (cuts 2 engines on the boosters to slow your ascent and save fuel)
  2. Once speed > 200 m/sec hit "5" then quickly hit "4" (turns the 2 engines you turned off on and turns the other 4 engines off)
  3. at 20k meters up turn RCS on and pull the nose to 30 degrees from vertical (its marked on the ball)
  4. at 40k meters up aim at roughly 20 degrees up from the horizon (about halfway between the 30 degree mark and the horizon)
  5. at 50k meters up aim at the horizon
  6. when the boosters fuel is about to run out throttle back to less then 25% throttle and wait for the fuel to run out. You will need to  stabilize and separate both the side boosters and then the fuel tank that's attached to the main stack (need to hit SPACEBAR twice)
  7. Make maneuver node for orbit and burn towards that

Next steps need to be done quickly:

  1. Once Main boosters on the shuttle run out of fuel rotate so that the external fuel tank is between kerbin and the shuttle then separate (spacebar)
  2. turn off all engines on the shuttle with "0" key (zero key)
  3. hit space bar to turn on rapier engines or hit the "9" key on the number row
  4. manually unlock the fuel tanks on the shuttle itself and then burn to final orbit (there are 3 fuel tanks on the rear of the shuttle)





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