Kerbal Space Program The K-MP ~The Kerbin-Mün Project 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod The K-MP ~The Kerbin-Mün Project

The K-MP ~The Kerbin-Mün Project

Game Version: 1.1-prerelease +1
Total Downloads: 284
Updated: Apr 4, 2016
Created: Apr 4, 2016

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1372487221-ksp-kerbin-mun.png release 776.09 KB Apr 4, 2016 1.1-prerelease +1 284 download The K-MP ~The Kerbin-Mün Project 1372487221-ksp-kerbin-mun.png releaseDownload


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What Is The K-MP?:
The K-MP is a mission from Kerbin to the Mün, from there we will collect scientific data and construct a base.. It will begin two days after the 1.1 update just so I learn about the new control of ships, etc. I will be using my B-11 Münar rocket, which has the L-79 Lander Module. It may take minutes it may take hours but we will get to space. Maybe we'll find the Mün or maybe  dull, grey rock orbiting Kerbin ;). The lander has three Science Jr.s and three Mystery Goo™ containers. Jebediah will be joining us, PLEASE DON'T DIE!!!

Here is the idea, shh it's a secret!:





Rocket Downloads:




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