Kerbal Space Program IRSS Six Kerbal Transport 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod IRSS Six Kerbal Transport

IRSS Six Kerbal Transport

Game Version: 1.2.2
Total Downloads: 145
Updated: Feb 19, 2017
Created: Feb 19, 2017

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IRSS 3 Kerbal Transport.craft release 91.41 KB Feb 19, 2017 1.2.2 145 download IRSS Six Kerbal Transport IRSS 3 Kerbal Transport.craft releaseDownload


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This was built for the International Reddit Space Station as one of the crew transport modules. One of my nicer designs to date. It is a nice little six person Spaceplane able to achieve low orbit and dock with a space station, with plenty of fuel leftover to get back down.


Flight is incredibly easy – launch the craft with 100% throttle and SAS enabled, then pitch up near the end of the runway until your prograde and navball marker sit just under 10 degrees. You should hit 1200 m/s velocity quickly in atmosphere with the RAPIERS air breathing mode. Watch the fuel in the wings, when it gets low toggle the engine mode to closed cycle (action group 1) and pitch down to match prograde. Burn until desired apoapsis is achieved, then circularize in the familiar fashion. You should have over 1000 m/s dV leftover for a rendezvous or separate mission. Comes with RCS thrusters for your docking needs. 


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