Kerbal Space Program Lazor System 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Lazor System

Lazor System

Game Version: 0.90
Total Downloads: 127,372
Updated: Dec 17, 2014
Created: May 7, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 2.26 MB Dec 17, 2014 0.90 69,479 download Lazor System releaseDownload release 2.29 MB Jul 23, 2014 0.24 38,338 download Lazor System releaseDownload release 2.29 MB Jul 22, 2014 0.24 1,326 download Lazor System releaseDownload release 2.26 MB May 8, 2014 0.23.5 18,133 download Lazor System releaseDownload


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Lazor Main Module (cone shaped, can be placed anywhere)
Lazor Main Module Stackable (cylinder shape, stacked)
Lazor Main Module Stackable Jr (cylinder shape, stacked) probe sized
5 Lazors, in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Magenta color (can be placed anywhere)


Docking Camera: Add one of the main modules to your vessels and all your dockig ports will be equipped with a docking camera. This camera will only work when a lazor system is on, and if you have a docking port targeted, the display will be enhanced with relative velocity and angular readouts. This can also be enabled as a part module with a .cfg edit. See the forum topic for more details.

Tracking Station Linkup: Interplanetary hohmann transfer calculator. Calculates the fuel optimal phase angles for interplanetary travel. When engaged, all Celestial Bodies in the game become visible in the targets tab for inspection.

Lazor Guided Flight: Flight control assistant for rockets and planes. Rockets gets the ability to set headings such as prograde and retrograde etc. and extra powerful ASAS. Planes gets a new input scheme and ability to keep altitude and fly to coordinate on the map using great circle geometry.

Tractor Beams: Attract and repulse objects. Includes hover and lifting systems.

Resource transfer: Transfer any resource between vessels, remotely up to 10km

Afterburner: Make the most out of your engines and boost their thrust!

Teleport: Teleport kerbals from and aboard vessel. Max range 90km. (works from orbit)

Kerbal positioning system: Add planetary locations to the in game map.

Achievement system: Track your achievements in the game, such as mun landings, return missions, various orbits. This system will also track kerbals killed and vessels destroyed.

Lazor EVA: Whenever you go on eva from a Lazor System vessel, a special lazor system interface will open up tailored for use on EVA. Here you can set the view to 1st person.

LIDAR: Short range scanning system

Parameters: All the numberical readouts from your vessels you will ever need, and then some. Includes surface and orbital readouts, and you can also see how much time your fuel will last at your current flow rate.

Missiles and Bombs: Included in this package are some lazor guided missiles and bombs. These don’t require the system to operate but when the system is present, they will either follow the main lazors direction or home to the systems target.

Tosh’s Sunbeam: Originally created by Tosh. This is a high powered laser which will overheat and explode anything it hits.

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