Kerbal Space Program Pixel Space Micro Probes V1.5 Pre Release 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Pixel Space Micro Probes V1.5 Pre Release

Pixel Space Micro Probes V1.5 Pre Release

Game Version: 0.24.1 +1
Total Downloads: 1,520
Updated: Jul 26, 2014
Created: Jul 19, 2014

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Are you tired of probes being to big and just want to launch them without the need of giant rocket boosters?

If yes this is the mod for you.

What this mod offers is many new probe parts scaled down to super small and they weigh almost nothing, Which is really good considering the fact that the only engine I have added "so far" has only 2 thrust but can still send your micro probes to space without a sweat. Other parts are also light weight and serve there own purposes. I have added  3 new custom models for the parts, I plan to add all custom parts in future updates. If you are interested in speeding up development of this project pm me. I may also redo the the three custom models if I learn how to texture better.

there should also be ejection forces with the decouplers after the latest Ksp Patch.



Added Items- V1.0 "First release"

MI-OBE Micro Propulsion System- Read above

Micro-G Micro Gas Tank- Contains 50 Microbe Gas

Micro-B Microbic Tank – Contains 15 Zinc, and 15 Microbe Gas.

M-13 Lee Com Probe – A good all round micro probe.

D-99 MIOBE Com Probe – Powers it self does not waste your resources.

A-1 Lil Com Probe  – Large than other micro probes, good all round.

Z-50 Rechargeable Zinc Bank – Zinc battery contains 50 Zinc.

MI-OBE Dynamic Zinc Generator MK1- Generates Zinc. 


Microbe Gas.


etc… Read change log for more info.

Update V1.5
I still need a modeler/ texturer, I can model in blender if you texture it :p
I finally figured out the contract system after 3 long days of thinking and
Renaming the folder you download will mess up the V1.5 data.
Added Items:
Added- "Contract System Compatability"- Now you can get contracts from
Added 3 new custom models for existing items two new models for probes
and 1 new model for fuel tanks- Will be adding more.
Added a flag for any pixelspace supporters.
Solar Zinc Panels producing 0.0 zinc per hour – reported by a friend of mine.
Custom models to 3 of existing parts.
Changed Manifacture name to just PixelSpace not PixelSpace inc.- This is
to help with the contract system, took me 3 days to figure it out :p
Adjusted some connecting nodes on a "few" parts to allow smoother
connections when building so no parts inside of parts.- Incomplete will
be released with 2.0 version.

 V1.2 Changes—————————————————————————–


Added Items:
Added- "MI-OBE Micro Circuler Gas Tank"- Another Gas tank
Added- "MI-OBE Micro Zinc Solar Panels"- An alternative for zinc recharge.
Added- "Z-100 Recharchargeable Zinc Bank"- Better Battery
Added- "Z-250 Rechargeable Zinc Pack"- Battery Pack not Bank
Added- "Z-500 Rechargeable Zinc Pack"-Awesome Battery Pack
Adjusted in game prices for carrer mode.
Adjusted item descriptions.

 V1.1 Changes————————————————————————————————————–

Added items

ML-lv1 Microbe Landing Legs

At-OM Micro Decoupler

MI-OBE Micro Decoupler

MI27-S.S.S Microchute

C-Mi Micro Hex Com Probe



Fixed zinc generator being to useless

fixed probe requirements showing up as 0.0.


This is version 1.5 so there may be bugs please report any bugs you find.

Also if you have a suggestion on something to add feel free to ask, chances are I will add it if its good and does not break game balance.

These parts will get you to space but I don't ever think these parts could get a kerbal up there.

Please comment.

Now with images!


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