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Kerbal Space Program mod PlaneControl (KSP 0.25 / 0.90)

PlaneControl (KSP 0.25 / 0.90)

Game Version: 0.25
Total Downloads: 1,156
Updated: Dec 14, 2014
Created: Dec 14, 2014

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This mod allows for in-flight swapping of yaw and roll. This allows for a control scheme equivalent to the one found in most flight simulators.

Also the possibility of "squared controls" is available. This feature is toggle-able for each axis individually and increases the control precision for small control inputs. I.e. an input of 50% is mapped to a control output of 25%. This can be especially useful when using a joystick with a plane that tends to roll very quickly.

The axis swapping can be done by pressing "Toggle Control Mode" in the right-click menu of the current control pod or by the use of action groups.
Note however that only settings of the currently selected control pod will be active. The settings are however not synced between different control pods on a vessel. Each pod has its own local settings.

Compatibility with other control influencing mods is not yet checked, however in case of any problems, switching to "Rocket Mode" (default mode) should resolve the issue (temporarely)

KSP 0.90

A 0.90 compatible version is available and will be uploaded as soon as kspmod provides the version selection option for 0.90. In the meantime it is available on my GitHub:


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