Kerbal Space Program A16 Stock Fighter 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod A16 Stock Fighter

A16 Stock Fighter

Game Version: 1.0.4 +10
Total Downloads: 9,022
Updated: Aug 23, 2015
Created: May 18, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
A16 Stock+ release 8.62 KB Aug 23, 2015 1.0.4 +10 1,544 download A16 Stock Fighter A16 Stock+ releaseDownload
H16 Stock beta 9.17 KB May 18, 2014 0.23.5 +4 7,433 download A16 Stock Fighter H16 Stock betaDownload



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The A16 Stock fighter is a super maneuverable single engine fighter jet equipped with 2 fireable stable missiles. It has a delta V of 9110m/s, and a max acceleration of 12.79m/s^2. This jet is also equipped with a ejectable cockpit with a parachute which is activated when pressing the abort button.



Action Groups

  • Action group 1: toggle jet engine
  • Action group 2: fire 2 missiles
  • Action group 0: extends ladder
  • Abort: eject cockpit


Current file name: A16 Stock+


  • Rebalanced for KSP v1.0+
  • Added air breaks
  • Fixed action groups
  • Fixed gears


P.S. Also check out my new aircrafts, the Havion Supersonic Transport Aircraft here, and the A15 twin engine fighter here.


Thanx and enjoy!


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