Kerbal Space Program Space ship Carrier class III (stock) KSP 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Space ship Carrier class III (stock) KSP

Space ship Carrier class III (stock) KSP

Game Version: 1.1
Total Downloads: 11,668
Updated: Jun 18, 2016
Created: Jun 8, 2016

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AircraftCarrier 0009 release 1.01 MB Jun 18, 2016 1.1 11,577 download Space ship Carrier class III (stock) KSP AircraftCarrier 0009 releaseDownload



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After succes of Mother ship class Carrier and Mother ship aircraft carrier 1_0_4,

Kerbal Ingineers push further the space aircraft carrier concept :

Bastion fleet carrierImage source

Let's enjoy Space ship Carrier class III  - an Aircraft Carrier ship to land, transport and catapult Space ships during long distance travels.

Full stock ship able to reach by itself kerbin orbit.


Action buttons :

1.Toggle Crossfeed 2nd Engines
2.Toggle 2nd Engines
3.Toggle 2 main Engines
4.Toggle catpult engines
5.Toggle SubShips Engines
6.Toggle Radars


Orbinting procedure :
easy to put in orbit. Aim the sky, put fulpower. Reach 20 000, then reach orbit by aiming 45°.

Don't forget to press 1 at the 2nd stage.


Have fun !!!

PS: Please make some comments to give me ideas about how improve the ship !


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