Kerbal Space Program Interstellar’s “Endurance” 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Interstellar’s “Endurance”

Interstellar’s “Endurance”

Game Version: 0.90 +1
Total Downloads: 32,034
Updated: Nov 25, 2014
Created: Nov 25, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Endurance Game Save w/ Craft Files release 190.64 KB Nov 25, 2014 0.90 +1 32,014 download Interstellar’s “Endurance” Endurance Game Save w/ Craft Files releaseDownload



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The Endurance is a whopping 888 parts weighing 200 tons. Based purely off the movie it has both of the Landers and Rangers.

Ranger Mk.1(Endurance Contains Updated Version)

Ranger Mk.1.5.2 controls:


2. Main Engine

3. Toggle Main Engine Mode

G. Gear


1. Go to KSP game folder

2. Open saves> drag and drop in "Endurance"

Their will a Ranger Mk.2 its design is main cosmetic but it functions better than the Mk.1. (discontinued if you really help it or want to see it maybe even help if its development comment below)


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