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Kerbal Space Program mod SplitJugulars KSP Challenge Career

SplitJugulars KSP Challenge Career

Game Version: 0.23.5
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Updated: Jul 7, 2014
Created: Jul 7, 2014

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I have created a few custom challenges in KSP

Using hyperedit I have placed a few craft around the solar system that set the challenge, the save has been modified so that you start from the beginning of career, build up your science and unlock the parts that will help you best achieve your objectives

All craft are made from stock parts so it should be compatible with any other mods, be warery though, I haven’t tested the laythe planes with Ferram Aerospace mod, not sure how aero dynamic they really are.

Complete the objectives in any way you see fit,

If this is successful ill add more ‘missions’ and maybe fill out a little more back story on how these craft ended up in precarious situations, also try and set up a scoring system (not in game unfortunately)  any suggestions are welcome

This is a run down of missions so far

Inept co. ProbeRovers

The previous space company that operated before you took over had launched various probes across the system, the special seismic scanners utilized rhodium for their measurements and inept co. had insanely used the entire stock to make them. However they had overlooked any sort of power generation or data transmission to keep them operational. As such its imperative these are brought back online as they cannot be replicated again.

By any means necessary attach power generation and antenna to all 15 proberovers around the system

Mun Seismic Companions

4 probe rovers that were sent to the Mun have finished their long arduous journey collecting Science, they now need to get back to the Mun Transmitter and transmit that juicy SCIENCE!

Get seismic probes A B C and D back to, and dock with, the Mun Transmitter. Fly them drive them…… how is up to you

Laythe Atmosphere probes

4 probes were landed on Laythe on different islands for SCIENCE, but they landed with no fuel, you must re-fuel and then get these probes back to the Laythe transmitter, dock, and transmit that science

Wayward Kerbals

Jebediah was showing off again and proved to bill he could get into orbit using only his RCS jetpack, but had over looked the fact he needed to get back to kerbin……. safely. Rescue this impressive kerbin

Patsby Kerman was found guilty in a court of law for doing SCIENCE that wasn't space related. This is a severe crime on kerbin, he was sentenced to be fired into the sun via trebuchet for his crimes, fortunately for him new evidence was found that in fact showed his non-space SCIENCE may still be of some worth and he was pardoned. But this pardon came too late and the 'launch' could not be stopped, only diverted. As consequence Patsby Missed the sun but now need help getting home to receive his official pardon. 

Precious Stones

5 meteorites have been located that are made up of a high concentration of rare minerals, this valuable supply would be greatly appreciated by the space program, as such there is limitless advantages to recover this stock, so expense is not an issue.

Recover and land these specimens as close to the space centre as possible

3 on the MUN

1 on Tylo

1 on Eeloo




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