Kerbal Space Program Dragonfly drone Mk-2! 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Dragonfly drone Mk-2!

Dragonfly drone Mk-2!

Game Version: 0.23.5
Total Downloads: 5,044
Updated: Jul 8, 2014
Created: Jul 8, 2014

Earlier Versions

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DRONE- release 12.30 KB Jul 8, 2014 0.23.5 5,044 download Dragonfly drone Mk-2! DRONE- releaseDownload


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Hello everyone!  I am Vaos Human! And now I will be posting all of my Building with Vaos Crafts on as well as Youtube.

  This craft file that I will be giving you is the DF – Mk2 Dragonfly Drone! It's a newer version of the Dragonfly Drone. Now more controllable, more fuel, and a Dragonfly Rider! WOOT!  Game version 23.5 of Kerbal Space Program. The craft file DF – Mk1 can be found on my Youtube video *** KSP V.23.5 – Vid#80 – Building with Vaos. Dragonfly Drone. *** ***

My apologize in advance, but there are no flying instructions for this craft. Bill Kerman suggest talking to the dragonfly softly, flying it slowly with your had close to the abort switch …..

*** For more information and pictures, be sure to visit my Facebook Page. ***

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