Kerbal Space Program Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop

Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop

Game Version: 1.3.1 +1
Total Downloads: 20,345
Updated: Jan 13, 2018
Created: Jun 29, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads beta 3.72 MB Jan 13, 2018 1.3.1 +1 5,270 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload beta 3.56 MB Oct 23, 2017 1.3.1 +1 1,241 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload beta 3.56 MB Jul 29, 2017 1.3 912 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload beta 3.59 MB Nov 30, 2016 1.1.3 462 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload beta 3.26 MB May 21, 2016 1.1 1,004 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload beta 3.19 MB Apr 17, 2016 1.0.5 +4 306 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload beta 2.00 MB Apr 25, 2015 0.90 261 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop betaDownload alpha 2.39 MB Apr 1, 2016 1.0.5 +4 143 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop alphaDownload
Deprecated parts and configs alpha 1.58 MB Mar 30, 2015 0.25 +5 82 download Dr. Jet’s Chop Shop Deprecated parts and configs alphaDownload



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My mod is a small parts pack, so let's look to the folders.

SPP – Smart Solar Panel with 2 axis rotation, replacing ISP1. Not so good textures, but much better model then was ISP1.
LED – Just a 7-LED headlight. Lightweight, compact, comparatively powerful.


LTS – a system of core tank and jettisonable side tanks with ridges to mount langing legs. Inbuilt Asparagus fuelling. Suitable both for landing and using as a transfer stage


RTG_Rover - contains a fully reworked rover body, capable of hosting 4 stock RTGs as power source.
RuggedRover – contains a fully reworked rover body, designed specially for TR2-L Ruggedized Wheels. Special safe trunks for any non-ruggedized side equipment included. Also contains a roof solar panel, fitting for this bigger-than-average rover.


Subproject folder, containing only (re)configuration files for stock parts and other mods parts, specifically:

Since most previosly supported mods are obsolete or incompatible with 0.90, this subproject folder contains only (re)configuration files for stock rover parts and one flat solar panel.
If you feel like wanting to do some necromancy – explore



DAS-1 – real worls CubeSat double-dipole antenna replica.
SoilSampler – Mechanical soil sample retriever. Still experimental beta.
Deployable Skycranes Mk1 and Mk2 for 1.25m mount / 2.5m payload and 2.5m mount / 5m payload respectively.

Adapter for stock Aerospike engine, allowing it to be used in upper stages.

2.5m hubs: 4-way 2.5m, 3-way 2.5m, 6-way 1.25m.

 Aerodynamic blister as a mean of side-mounting engines and stuff.
 Aerodynamic blister decoupler with inbuilt retro-rocket as a mean of smoother look and cleaner decoupling.

And yes, both F.A.R. and N.E.A.R. treat those correctly. Blisters appeared to be even more aerodynamic then stock nosecones.

SpacePlane+ parts: Drone Nosecone (+air intakes), Tricoupler (1 x 1.25m + 2 x 0.625m), Wide Tricoupler (3×1.25m + air intakes), Quadcoupler (2 x 1.25m + 2 x 0.625m), Quintcoupler (1 x 1.25m + 4 x 0.625m) and 2.5m adapter.

An archive with abandoned experimental parts like Segmented Tank and ISP1. Maybe someone still want them. 

I'm too lazy to regularly update source files (Blender and Unity in my case), as GPL demands. And I'm constantly fiddling with them. So if you want anything – just ask and I'll send you the latest version.


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