Kerbal Space Program Oblivion BubbleShip + Drone166 v1.1 2023 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Oblivion BubbleShip + Drone166 v1.1

Oblivion BubbleShip + Drone166 v1.1

Game Version: 0.23.5
Total Downloads: 20,295
Updated: Jun 19, 2014
Created: Jun 19, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 3.25 MB Jun 19, 2014 0.23.5 18,470 download Oblivion BubbleShip + Drone166 v1.1 releaseDownload
Oblivion Bubbleship and Drone beta 28.09 MB Nov 9, 2014 0.25 1,825 download Oblivion BubbleShip + Drone166 v1.1 Oblivion Bubbleship and Drone betaDownload


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The Oblivion BubbleShip V1.1 + Drone 166
KSP v0.25

(INCLUDES everything required, The ship + Drone +  the latest infernal robotics plugin + bahamutoD's animator plugin + modulefixer.dll (just incase! – optional) + Latest Infernal robotics

Well, where do we start with this one…

Firstly thanks to Sirkut for keeping Infernal Robotics oiled up, if not for him I could have probably given up trying to make things move. Thanks also to BahamutoD for the engine animation activation plugin.

From a movie that I wasn't terribly a fan of when I first saw it, to one that I count now as one of my favorite
(save for some wooden acting, Morgan Freeman saved the day (or movie in this case) .. Comes the Oblivion BubbleShip for KSP.

Being one who is pretty notorious for starting projects and never finishing them (just a bad habit sorry.. )
I thought this time I would not say anything, finish one THEN start a thread.. and here we go This was a fairly fun mod to build and I made
it with a pretty specific goal in mind, and that was to re-create the ship in the movie as best as possible (within the limits of KSP.. and my modding ability,
or should I say inability..)Modelling the Pod was the only tricky part, the rest was fairly easy, but a few hundred boolean operations later, we had a functioning pod.

The engines were also made from booleans, the stars on top like in the movie were a simple low poly cone, with a ball cut out underneath
for a hollow then used that to cut out the spheres, ill make a mini blog about it it might be interesting for other modders who want to make infernal
robotics parts that are custom to their designs.Luckily for me reference shots, and having the DVD to watch made for an easy build process… there are a few things that made
this easy, like the fact the engines are mirrored so I only needed to make one so you can use the same engine on both sides, and same for the wing tips and rotators.

Like in the movie, the pod rotates on an X/Y axis like a Camera gimbal (see video) it’s a very simple setup using 2 custom rotatrons
(which you can increase the speed of for a more movie like feel) science and Hardcore players back off now or I’ll shoot you with my phaser…

ISP Levels are for a reason – it’s fun. The fuel needed to be perfectly balanced on this ship to
maintain its level when you rotate engines –I can fix this later by putting the thrust in the center of the engine but I wanted
it to come from the base where the holes are. The RCS are boosted also in power and ISP by alienlevels (because if you’ve seen the movie,
this is an Alien ship yeah?…) so I figure anything goes!) There is a reason for everything on this craft, The counterweights on the tail, the pod is slightlyoffset from the collar ASAS
to allow it to rotate on all Axis without colliding with anything, the legs are animated to exactly fit under the engine colliders, not smack the hatch also and throw it off..
there is a lot of moving parts that manage to work without lag and without interaction. What took only a few days to model, took nearly 2 weeks in actual implementation and testing –
I think I watched the movie about 6 times and rewound it about 500 times to check out parts of it.

FPS Friendly!

Yes, I wanted this to not chug anything – this runs at absolute full frame rate. The textures are simple specular textures, although they are .MBM’s they are all small so they have a small memory footprint. The entire ship is around 28-30 parts depending on RCS attachments.

I have included all required plugins in the download, the respective source and licensing can be found in their threads here. I have Sirkuts and BahamutoD's permission to include the plugins. it’s under 4mb zipped up.

Things to note or bugs I already know about:

1. The hatch is obstructed unless you open the Doors.

I repeat, if you want to EVA you need to right click the pod and "Open bubble doors"
– if you do not open the bubble doors you cannot EVA, this is intentional. I could move the hatch, but after so many tries this was the best spot to not have the Kerbal’s spit off into space.
2. The hatch is on the right hand side of the pod, the command chair in the stock craft is in the left seat for a reason.
If you place another command chair in the pod the hatch will be obstructed – guessing the command chair have a large collider area that is affecting the hatch object – for a compromise and to stop losing hair, I settled for one command chair and 2 Kerbals’ in EVA/IVA.. best I can do for now.

3. * TWO engine tips are provided. Use the Dummy one under the structural tab. The aero one is simply for you to use on other planes, if you use it on this ship it will affect aerodynamics when you turn the engines, so use the dummy ones- they fill the hole and look pretty, and act as a counter balance.
4. *Torque on the Pod when you turn the gimbal X/Y:
When you are on the ground, the gimbal movement of the pod turns the pod. In the air, it affects the ship –
this is because the pod is the parent object of the craft. I could make it COMPLETELY free by making the fuselage the main body –
which I will experiment with, but it’s just not very realistic having the fuselage as the pod is it??

5. * No Guns / Weapons – or can't attach to the gun section
this part is not surface attachable – only the Seats inside and the glass is surface attachable –
this is just the way I had to do it sorry, you know how colliders can be. As
you can imagine the collider set up for the sold bubble doors is fun in unity…

Please visit this thread for all relevant information:!-0-23-5-Oblivion-Bubbleship-(Wayland-Corp-)-Download


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