Kerbal Space Program ESLD Jump Beacons 2022 download
Kerbal Space Program mod ESLD Jump Beacons

ESLD Jump Beacons

Game Version: 0.24.2
Total Downloads: 802
Updated: Aug 23, 2014
Created: Aug 23, 2014

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With projects like MKS/OKS and Fine Print bases/stations in far-flung reaches of the solar system, it can drag a bit to have to do the whole wait/transfer/wait/insert dance over and over again. In an effort to keep the KSP endgame balanced and fun, I've cobbled together some jump beacons.

These are not cheaty, easy jump beacons, though. They incorporate:

  • Line of sight checking.
  • Gravity restrictions (also checked under LoS).
  • Incredibly costly fuel. 
  • Scaling fuel costs with tonnage/distance.
  • Tech advancements that allow increased capability.
  • Proximity requirements for activation.
  • Unique beacon models optimized for different transport scenarios.

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