Kerbal Space Program Kerbonov Parts Pack 2023 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Kerbonov Parts Pack

Kerbonov Parts Pack

Game Version: 1.2.2 +3
Total Downloads: 30,266
Updated: Dec 26, 2016
Created: Jun 3, 2014

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads release 11.05 MB Dec 26, 2016 1.2.2 +3 9,445 download Kerbonov Parts Pack releaseDownload release 6.56 MB May 9, 2015 1.0.0 7,183 download Kerbonov Parts Pack releaseDownload



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The Kerbonov Kn-2 module is a compact 3 Kerbal cockpit for use with intermediate sized aircraft. It includes an IVA view.


The Kerbonov Kn-7 cockpit also seats 3, and is designed for use withthe MK2 spaceplane fuselage parts.

Also packaged in the zip are several additional parts:

  • Hood ornament: A snazzy little chrome doodad for classing up your horrible spaceplane / rocket death dragster.
  • Probe RCS: A tiny, low powered RCS block with its own small monopropellant supply built in. Good for unmanned micro-probes.
  • Drop tank: Lightweight, streamlined jet fuel pod. Includes its own built in decoupler for when it runs dry.
  • Radial Micro Decoupler: What it says on the label. Now itsy bitsy ships can benefit from asparagus staging too.
  • RATO Booster: A bit like a bigger, heftier sepratron, except stackable.
  • Grid Fins: Fits a very large effective surface area into a compact (front to back) package. Can be retracted when not in use.
  • Heavy Duty Command Seat: A tougher, heavier, stack-attachable external command seat.
  • Small Inline Passenger Can: A single-seat, 1.25m diameter hitchhiker container for spaceplanes.
  • Mini Turbojet: A jet engine suitable for ultralight aircraft and UAVs.
  • VHF Antenna: A fixed, stack-mountable 5M-rated standard antenna.
  • a few others


IMPORTANT NOTE: The grid fins are dependent upon Linuxgurugamer's RetractableLiftingSurface Module ( for their folding to work correctly. It won't break the game to not have that installed, but retracting/extending the fins won't DO anything.


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