Kerbal Space Program Next Star Industries 2024 download
Kerbal Space Program mod Next Star Industries

Next Star Industries

Game Version: 1.10.1 +2
Total Downloads: 2,906
Updated: Oct 23, 2020
Created: Sep 25, 2020

Earlier Versions

Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads
Expanding the Field-minor updates 2 release 361.48 MB Oct 23, 2020 1.10.1 +2 2,228 download Next Star Industries Expanding the Field-minor updates 2 releaseDownload
Expanding the Field - minor updates release 538.76 MB Oct 2, 2020 1.10.1 +1 505 download Next Star Industries Expanding the Field - minor updates releaseDownload release 533.38 MB Sep 25, 2020 1.10.1 +2 173 download Next Star Industries releaseDownload


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Alt download here: Star Industries




BDAc v1.3.4 or higher and Interstellar Fuel Switch and ALL their dependencies are required.

Required install of "Kopernicus" for use of the "Death Star(wip)" orbiting Kerbin. Use "HyperEdit" to move it where ever you like.
Required install of "Kerbal Joint Reinforcement" to hold the "Star Wars" parts together.

Recommended install of "Hanger Extender", "Vessel Mover", "Texture Replacer", "RasterPropMonitor", and "HyperEdit" and all their dependencies.

"Roster Manager" included in download until owner updates upon which they will be removed.


version 2.4.2 "Expanding the Field" – minor updates.
Delete the GameData/NSI folder before updating to v2.4.2 due to folder changes.
"ModuleShockwave" for nuclear weapons has 3 public settings here's how the module looks in the config,
//name = ModuleShockwave
//explosiveYield = same as tntmass
//particleSize = defaults to 5
//shockPath = Path to shockwave model, defaults to NSI/MilitaryDivision/Weapons/NKD/effects/shockwave
Fixed texture compression errors.
Fixed bullet defs.
Fixed the unsupported audio file errors, converted from ogg to wav.
"Firespitter" & "BahaSP" no longer needed for certain parts. Removed from required mod list.
Added "Textures Unlimited" compatibility to some parts.
New more realistic rocket engine sound for the "NSI LV1 Engine".
Config file updates for more balancing of weapons.
Removed category folder.
Adjustments to "TDS22" added a material with a reflective surface(dependent on graphic settings).
Adjustments to "Death Star", may change this to an actual part instead, I want it fully functional.
Removed all "Forrest Design" parts due to numerous errors.

Updated "Roster Manager"
Version NSI 17 Oct 2020
-Recompiled for KSP 1.10.1
-Added NSI Kerbal Professions


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