Kerbal Space Program SSTO [Ravenspear Mk.o] 2023 download
Kerbal Space Program mod SSTO [Ravenspear Mk.o]

SSTO [Ravenspear Mk.o]

Game Version: 1.0.2 +11
Total Downloads: 7,369
Updated: May 16, 2015
Created: May 16, 2015

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Ravenspear Mk.O

This ssto is designed for single-stage travel to any planet that you want in Kerbol system. The ship is powered by nuclear-fusion reactor and propelled with the proton beam as well as other forms of radiations directly from the reactor. The ship contains large amount of instruments that would let you perform every type of scientific experiment that you need. It also features a inner antenna that could transmit your data any time you want; however, it is better to bring the data back to kerbin, right? The hard drive on the ship is big enough for you to store everything you've got. Besides, the ship is swift enough to let you travel from north pole to south pole of any planet within 8min.


The ship does not support EVA for kerbols; this is a recon-ssto which means it plays as a pioneer for your expedition team, that is why it is designed to be fast enough and carrying such  amount of instruments. (actually I just don't know how to add a hatch :-P)


Caution: This mod may break the balance of the game and makes it no longer challenging. If you are new to KSP, please be careful of using it.


thank u!


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